Our Process


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WGPS stands for the Woodruff Goal Planning System. It is a chain of conversations and actions that helps us get a better understanding of you, where you are, where you want to be, and how we can help you get there. We integrate a straightforward four-step approach with our WGPS in mind as the following:


An elderly couple, extending their hands in greeting to meet a spectacled man, capturing a moment of introduction, mutual respect, and the beginning of a conversation or agreement.


We begin to understand you, your lifestyle, and financial situation at a macro level.


An elderly couple engaged in a conversation with a man, closely looking at the content displayed on his laptop, capturing their shared interest, the dynamic of their interaction, and the relevance of the digital content they are reviewing.


We discuss your financial and personal goals. When those are ironed out, we track your current progress towards those goals. This is where we learn, “What’s missing?”


A detailed close-up of hands holding and possibly pointing at documents, with two individuals in the midst of a conversation in the background, emphasizing the importance of the material and the collaborative nature of their discussion.


This is where we work together to build and implement your financial plan.


A cheerful man, holding a pen, engaged in a lively conversation with a couple, capturing the positive nature of their interaction, his attentive demeanor, and the potential subject of their discussion.


We discuss new life and economic events that occur and how that could impact your plan. We work together to adapt your plan using forward looking strategies.

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